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Law has become similar to the practice of medicine in that nobody would go to a foot doctor if they had a problem with their heart. Similarly, an individual charged with a crime should not go to a divorce attorney for the purposes of being defended on a criminal charge.

At the Law Offices of John M. Kucera, his only focus is criminal defense and, nearly four decades of practice, that focus is based upon his past performance and experience as a former prosecuting deputy district attorney and judge.

Attorney John M. Kucera has practiced law since 1980 and has provided professional, aggressive and personalized services to individuals seeking representation for defense of State and Federal crimes. Former Prosecutor for the Shasta County District Attorney from 1982-1986. Former Judge Pro-Tempore for Shasta County Superior Court. Community College and Law Enforcement Instructor.


  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ)
  • California Public Defender's Association (CPDA)
  • National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
  • Northern California Contact Attorney for National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Shasta ‑ Trinity County Bar Association (STCBA)
  • Chairman of the Criminal Law Section 1995-1999


Admitted to The California Supreme Court, Federal Northern District Court and Federal Eastern District Court in 1980.


Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings help buyers of legal services identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate lawyer for a specific task at hand. Lawyer Ratings serve as an objective indicator that a lawyer has the highest ethical standards and professional ability and are used by buyers of legal services to justify their hiring decisions. Lawyer John M. Kucera has been honored with a "BV Distinguished" rating.

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With the advent of Internet advertising and "jail mail," hundreds of law firms advertise nationwide in every town in California through hyperspace or mass mailings to anyone who has been arrested.

These "case brokers" purport to be experienced huge nationwide firms who represent clients in these jurisdictions without knowing anything about the judges, prosecutors or the system in place and "farm out" (outsource) the cases to local attorneys for a fee.

Many of these advertisers take on clients for a large fee, sub-contract the case to attorney's in the local area, pay the local attorney's a lesser fee, pocket the difference and do nothing for the client.

John M. Kucera, a sole practitioner, maintains his own cases in every jurisdiction and controls the quality of his practice by providing aggressive, individual and personal representation.