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Factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

If you are currently facing a California drinking and driving charge, but you suspect that a falsely elevated breath test result is behind your arrest, you may have concerns about the possible penalties you may face, if convicted. While breath tests are often the primary source of evidence used against suspected DUI offenders, they are not always completely accurate, and inaccurate results can lead to imprisonment, considerable fines and other potential penalties. At the Law Offices of John M. Kucera, we understand the important of Breathalyzer accuracy, and we have assisted many clients who believed their breath test results were inaccurate get to the bottom of things.

According to AlcoholAlert.com, breath test devices are not always correct, with smaller models often more likely to produce false results than larger ones. Additionally, numerous outside factors can offset Breathalyzer test results, which are essentially indirect estimations in the first place. So, what types of outside factors can impact breath test accuracy?

Temperature changes can affect the devices themselves, as they are highly sensitive to both the temperature outside and the internal temperature of the test subject. If you have blood, vomit, smoke or tobacco in your mouth when authorities administer your test, know that any of these substances may also lead to a false breath test result.

Other factors known to sometimes affect the accuracy of breath tests include electronic interference, which can come from police scanners, cellphone signals and the like, and diabetes. If you have diabetes, your body may produce acetone, which is something breath tests can pick up on and inaccurately link to alcohol consumption. Find more about drunk driving defense on our web page.

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