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Acquiring a conceal and carry (CCW) permit

A constant stream of gun violence is in the news. You’ve been concerned about your personal safety or you want to protect a business or some other interests. You need to be prudent, patient and complete the process to acquire a conceal and carry permit for the state of California.

Criteria for granting a CCW

You should follow this process to acquire a conceal weapons permit (CCW) in California.

  • Passed a firearms training course
  • Strong rationale for carrying a firearm
  • Need for a firearm to protect a residence or business
  • No felony or serious misdemeanor convictions

Application Process

While the application process may differ from one municipality to another, the police chief or local sheriff typically issue the licenses for conceal and carry permits. You need to obtain the CCW license policy statement and license application.

You must fill out the application and pay the required fees. The police or sheriff will schedule an interview and fingerprint you during the process. In addition, the law enforcement agency may require a psychological test and a second interview.

If you carry a weapon without a permit

Lawmakers in California want to keep the highly populace state safe as possible, and therefore they want to prevent any unfit citizen from carrying a deadly weapon. ode 25400 PC (carry and conceal weapon law) states that it is a crime to carry a concealed or visible gun on yourself without a permit. In addition, you cannot carry a firearm inside your car or other motor vehicle.

Whether concealed or not, if you’re arrested for carrying a weapon without a permit, you face some serious charges, including a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. Often the court will file misdemeanor charges, but the judge or prosecutor could elevate the charges to a felony. The judge may upgrade the charge to a felony if he or she discovers the following. You have been previously charged with a prior felony or firearm offense, possessing a stolen gun, previous drug convictions, gang activity or another serious offense. If you have no previous criminal record, the judge may place you on probation.

Decisions for conceal and carry violations

The judge takes your previous record into account when developing his or her decision on you case, including the following.

  • Previous criminal record; any violent act in the past
  • Your cooperation or lack thereof during the arrest
  • Evidence you planned to use the gun for an act of violence

A legitimate need to defend and protect cannot supersede California’s CCW laws. If you need to carry and conceal a gun, contact your local police or sheriff and follow the process, so you are legally carrying a gun.

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