When Your Future Is On The Line,
To Whom Do You Trust Your Freedom?

Be careful when you speak

Police in California may employ various strategies in order to make you incriminate yourself. The unfortunate fact is that many interactions you may have with police officers would probably begin with their suspicion that you were breaking the law in some way. 

Fortunately for you — and for the civil rights of all citizens of the state — the court system does not share this presumption. Depending on the type of action against you, the other party, the state in the case of criminal accusations, has to show a certain amount of evidence before any guilt is assumed. One of your primary concerns during the entire criminal intake and defense processes should be avoiding supplying police and state prosecutors with this evidence yourself. At the law offices of Kucera & Cohen, our criminal defense team has one purpose: to protect the rights of our clients

Even though it is our job to advise our clients so they can make the best possible decisions for their future, it is not something we can do alone. This is why we attempt to give an idea of the big picture to every criminal-defense client we accept. This includes not only the immediate options but also the possible repercussions down the line of various words and actions.

You would probably play a major role in your own defense. Basically, it is no exaggeration when, in the Miranda Rights, police officers say that anything you say can be used against you. Police and prosecutors both usually take detailed records of the things you say and the actions you take in their presence. These records typically become evidence in negotiations and in court.

One of the best possible strategies is often to base any response you have to any police inquiry or statement on a detailed review of the facts of your case. This typically requires a legal understanding of the situation and a long-term viewpoint regarding consequences. Please continue reading on our main website to find out more information on this and other criminal defense subjects.

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