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Examining how a DUI can affect a career

People who choose to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking in California can face may serious consequences if they are caught. In some circumstances, they may be facing fines or a suspended license. In other more serious cases, if their behavior has injured or killed innocent people, they could be facing charges of automobile homicide or other convictions that result in time spent behind bars. 

Outside of the legal consequences that people may face, they also must manage the challenges of rebuilding aspects of their personal life after news of their DUI conviction comes to light. One area that can be gravely affected in some cases is a person's career and ability to maintain their current employment. According to AOL, if a DUI offender must maintain a professional license to perform their job, any arrest on their record will also be reported to the entities under which their professional license is managed. Other employers maintain a mandatory firing policy if their employees are involved in particular crimes. 

The loss of a person's license can be detrimental if their job requires them to operate company vehicles or machinery. A suspension could mean they are unable to work until they are able to have their license reinstated. Even then, they may face restrictions as they work to rebuild the trust of their employer. Other ways that a DUI can affect people's careers include lost wages and time off of work to deal with legal consequences, as well as the potential loss of insurance and other benefits.

TheHopeLine suggests that as people are working to recover their reputation, that they envision a better version of themselves and identify goals to achieve that vision. In an effort to renew the trust other people have lost in them, people should consider how they want to be viewed and what behaviors will be required for people to regain trust, respect and admiration in their efforts. 

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